Carbohydrates Part 1: Simple Sugars

It’s the night before the big game! You’re carbo-loading! Wait, what are carbs? Did you know that sugar is a carbohydrate? You didn’t?! Well, you’d better watch this, my friend. We will cover all the monosaccharides in their linear and cyclic form. That’ll get you up to speed. Now get some sleep! You’ll need to be rested if you’re going to beat those kids from Khan Academy in the morning.


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One thought on “Carbohydrates Part 1: Simple Sugars

  1. Hi professor David,

    First of all, I congratulate you on your videos, they are practical, reasonable and easy to understand.

    I have a question about the structure of alpha D – fructofuranose and its involvement when sucrose disaccharide is formed or produced,
    How is it possible that the configuration of the -OH position in Carbon 3 ‘in fructose is above and in the sucrose the C 3´is below?

    thanks for your commentaries and
    I would greatly appreciate your help.

    its an example of pages where appear the structure. in sucrose the o- glycoside bond, is (1-2) for this reason the C3 is near the bond and grafically is down.

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